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Policies & Local Grants

Community Grants from the Parish Council:

Policies, Procedures & Publications

The list of documents below are available freely to download:

Action Plan 2023:

The Council has created and adopted an action plan for 2023, this gives a useful oversite as to the Council’s priorities for the year ahead. The plan will be revisited by the Council 1/2 way through the year.

If you need information that is not shown above, please get in touch with the Parish Clerk who may be able to help. If there is information that you believe is unfairly being withheld, you may make a freedom of information request under the 2000 act. To do this, please do so in writing either via email or by letter addressed The Parish Clerk to: The Town Hall, Milborne Port, Somerset, DT9 5DF

Please ensure you include your name, contact details and a description of the information you are requesting. Some sensitive information may not be available to the public, in which case the Parish Council will inform you in writing with the reason why. The Parish Council will aim to get the information you have requested to you within 20 working days

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