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Meetings location:

Formal Parish Council meeting are normally held in the Town Hall unless specified on the agenda. Normally this will be upstairs in the Council Chamber.

We are happy to move the meeting to the Community Room, downstairs in the Town Hall by request (and assuming the community room is not already booked) if accessing the stairs is a problem. We do politely ask for a bit of notice to allow the community room to be set up to host the meeting.

Meeting days:

  • Full Council meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month when there is business to conduct; it does not normally meet in August.
  • The Planning & Environment Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month
  • The Management Committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month, every other month or when there is business to conduct.
  • The Village Hall Management Committee – Meeting timetable not yet agreed.
  • The Annual Parish Meeting23rd April 2024

Agendas are posted into the website 5 days before the meeting takes place, minutes are posted 28 days after the meeting has taken place. Please be aware that the start times of meetings are subject to change this will be recorded on the agenda, so please check. Most meetings will start at 7:00pm

All meetings are open for parishioners to attend and up to fifteen minutes is made available at the beginning of each meeting for members of the public to ask questions or make comments on any matter of interest or concern. Copies of minutes are posted on to this website to download.

Calendar of Meetings 2024/25:

 Full Council:
First Tuesday
Third Tuesday
Fourth Tuesday
April 20249th (A week later than normal)16thNo Meeting
May 20247th21st28th
June 20244th18thNo Meeting
July 20242nd16th23rd
August 2024No Meeting20thNo Meeting
September 20243th17th24th
October 20241st 15thNo Meeting
November 20245th 19th26th
December 20243rd17thNo Meeting
January 2025 7th21st28th
February 20254th18thNo Meeting
March 20254th18th25th

The Annual Parish Meeting:

The Annual Parish Meeting is not a meeting of the Council, but a meeting of the Parishioners (residents)

The Parish Office administer / facilitate the meeting, by law the Parish Council Chairman should chair the meeting.

Information as to the date, agenda and annual reports can be found on the community website: Click here

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