The Gainsborough Allotments

Update for allotment holders

A number of you have been in touch to ask whether you should be visiting the allotments at the moment.  The answer is ‘yes’, this is a permitted activity as long as you follow government instructions on social distancing and hygiene.  Please see the information in this link for further information.  It is regularly updated so if the coronavirus situation changes, so might this information.


Milborne Parish Parish Council own and manage the allotments on Gainsborough Road.

The Parish Office maintains the list of current allotment holders and the Allotments Officer oversees that the rules are being followed.

Waiting List:

The allotments do have a waiting list and this is managed by the Allotments Officer – Nathalie Hetherington.

If you would like to add yourself to this waiting list then please email: 


For 2021 the rents are:

Full Plot: £45               Half Plot – £25

For 2022 the rents will be: Full Plot: £50 and half-plot £28.