There are 13 councillors places, elected for a term of 4 years in May 2019. All councillors are unpaid. See below for details for all our current Parish Councillors …

Tom CampbellTom Campbell
Chairman of the Planning & Environment Committee
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07542 109657
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Tim CartyTim Carty
Chairman of the Full Council
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01963 251898
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Lyn HarrisonLyn Harrison
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01963 251549
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Rob LockeyRob Lockey
Vice-chair of all Committees and Full Council
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01963 250648
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missing imageChris Phillips
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Robert TizzardRobert TizzardSend Email
07976 701974
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Anna WagnerAnna Wagner
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missing imageRichard Warren
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Missing Image PlaceholderTed Watts Send Email
01963 250779
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There are a number of committees which mitigate the burden on the whole council. These and their membership are shown below:

The Planning & Environment CommitteeThe Management CommitteeThe HR Committee
Mr Campbell (Chair)TBA (Chair)TBA (Chair)
Mr Lockey (Vice-Chair)TBA (Vice-Chair)Mr Carty
Mr TizzardMs Barsby
(Rights-of-way Warden)
Mr Lockey
Mr CartyMr CampbellMr Watts
Mrs WagnerMrs HarrisonMrs Harrison
Mr WattsMr Watts
Mr PhillipsMr Carty
Mr Tizzard
Mr Phillips
Parish Council Representatives for 2022/23:
  • Playing Fields Committee: Cllrs; Carty & Harrison
  • Village Hall Committee: Cllrs; Harrison & Campbell
  • Sherborne Transport Action Group: Cllrs; Warren & Wagner
  • Police Liaison:  Cllr Harrison
  • Youth Liaison:  Cllrs; Lockey & Wagner
  • SSDC Market Town Initiative: Cllrs; Carty & Watts.
  • Health & Wellbeing Champion: Cllr Lockey
  • Environment Champion: Cllr Warren