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February Update

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday 23rd April at 7pm in the Camelot Room the Village Hall. The Parish Meeting is a meeting of the Parishioners; it is not a meeting of the Parish Council.  However, it is chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council and organised by the Parish Clerks. All local groups will be invited to attend and share information about the activities that their organisations/groups have been involved in during the past year or so. It is a great opportunity to celebrate achievements and contributions to the local community; there will also be a general forum at the end for exchanging of ideas and comments. This is an open meeting so do come along if you would like to learn more about the organisations that make a positive difference to life in Milborne Port and if you would like to share your own ideas and suggestions about how to improve village life.

Litter Picking: Saturday 23rd March 2024 – Meet: 10 am at East Street Car Park

Let’s try to pick up as much litter from the streets, roads and lanes of our lovely village as we can! Parents, why not bring your children and make this a family activity, at the same time as teaching them about the importance of caring for their environment? (Please note that primary school aged children must be accompanied by a responsible adult). Equipment will be provided by South Somerset District Council but please wear bright jackets/tops for visibility.Finish: 12 noon back at East Street Car Park, then you are invited to the Town Hall for ‘thank you’ refreshments. Or you can recover from your exertions in The Tippling Philosopher across the road!

Parish Council Meetings in March

Full Council: Tuesday 5th ; Planning and Environment Committee: Tuesday 19th; Management: Tuesday 26th.

Meetings take place in the Town Hall and start at 7pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend and can address the meeting with questions or comments from 7-7.15pm. If you would like to attend but would experience access difficulties, please let us know in advance and we will relocate to the Community Room downstairs.

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