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May Update

Bench Dedication
Last month we wrote about the new bench on the corner of Plover Road and Gainsborough. We have dedicated this bench to the memory of Tim Cadisch, 1937-2019, in thanks for the wonderful bank of flowers that is such a feast for the eyes of local residents every spring and summer. Members of Tim’s family are delighted to see the bench and its memorial plaque (many thanks to the Spirit of Milborne Port for funding the cost of the plaque) and have been very helpful in explaining how the flower bank came about. In order to create the flower bank for the local community, Tim, a keen gardener and allotment tenant, first cleared all the brambles and then rebuilt the retaining dry stone wall that had fallen down; he then prepared the soil and did the planting, which he regularly maintained, weeded and watered, also regularly adding further plants, many kindly donated by local people. What a lovely legacy.

Take Ya’ Pick!
The weather was kind to us on Saturday 13th May when 18 of us turned out to pick up litter from some of the village’s main thoroughfares. And we didn’t do too badly at all! Another litter pick is planned for early next year so do join us next time. Thank you very much to all those involved, and especially to Cllrs. David Grant and Richard Warren for being the main movers and shakers in this event.

From left to right: Cllrs. David Grant, Chris Phillips, Rob Lockey and Richard Warren readying themselves for the pick! Not sure what Cllr. Warren is looking so pleased about, though! Perhaps it’s the prospect of tea and chocolate biscuits in the Community Room afterwards… Talking of which, many thanks to the WI’s Jan Smith and Christine Porter for turning out that Saturday morning to serve refreshments to the tired but happy pickers after their exertions.

Coronation Mugs
In celebration of the coronation of Charles III last month, the Parish Council gave a commemorative mug to each pupil at Milborne Port Primary School. We are aware, of course, that not all of our primary aged children attend the local school and we would like to give a mug to all children of primary and secondary school age that live in the village. If you would like a mug for your child or for a child that you know, please come and collect one from our office in the Town Hall on a Tuesday morning this month; we are open 8.30am-12.30pm. Alternatively, you can collect one from the Library: Tuesdays 2-4.30pm; Fridays 9am-12.30pm; Saturdays 9am-12.30pm.

Springfield Play Area
At the time of writing, we were hopeful that the new equipment and extension at the play area would be completed and up-and-running! More next month, with photographs!

Annual Parish Meeting
The meeting of parishioners, facilitated by the Parish Council, took place on Tuesday 25th April at the Village Hall; we heard from the Chairman of the Parish Council, and the Chairmen of the Planning & Environment and Management Committees. We then heard from representatives of various groups and organisations that are active in Milborne Port and make significant contributions to village life and enrich the experiences of those living here. A full report can be found here:

Parish Council Meetings in June

Full Council: Tuesday 6th June; Planning and Environment Committee: Tuesday 20th June.
Meetings take place in the upstairs chamber of the Town Hall and start at 7pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend and can address the meeting with questions or comments from 7-7.15pm. If you would like to attend but would experience access difficulties, please let us know in advance and we will relocate to the Community Room downstairs.

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