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March Update

Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th April at 7pm at the Village Hall. The Parish Meeting is a meeting of the Parishioners; it is not a meeting of the Parish Council.  However, it is chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council and organised by the Parish Clerks. All local groups have been invited to attend and share information about the activities that their organisations and groups have been involved in during the past year or so. It is a great opportunity to celebrate achievements and contributions to the local community; there will also be a general forum at the end for exchanging of ideas and comments. This is an open meeting so do come along if you would like to learn more about the organisations that make a positive difference to life in Milborne Port and if you would like to share your own ideas and suggestions about how to improve village life.

Please follow this link for the agenda for the meeting.

New Litter Picker in Action!
We are very grateful that Jayden Henry, a King Arthur’s student from the village, has volunteered to carry out litter picking at Springfield for three months as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. If you see Jayden at work, do offer words of encouragement! Thank you so much, Jayden!

Defibrillators – Volunteer Guardians Needed
Do you have thirty minutes a month to spare to look after the defibrillator at the Village Hall or at the Cemetery? The Guardian role entails checking that equipment is charged, that the keypad is working, cleaning the keypad and replacing the pads when they are out of date; you would also be asked to report your check each month via the The Circuit website. On the rare occasions that the equipment is commissioned, you would need to check it again and replace the pads (if required) as soon as possible. If you could give your time to your community in this way, please get in touch.

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