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April Update

No Parish Council Elections in 2022

Nominations for the 13 Parish Council seats are now in and the result is that 9 residents have been put forward for election. As the Parish Council has 13 seats, all 9 people gain a seat automatically without having to face the public vote. So, there will be no Parish Council elections this time round.

Attention now turns to the remaining 4 seats. The 9 members of the Council can now co-opt (elect) a further 4 people of their choosing onto the Council. This co-option will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Council on Tuesday 10th of May (7pm in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall). Anyone who is interested in standing for co-option is asked to contact the Parish Clerk. 

None of the above affects the elections to the new Somerset Council and these will be taking place on Thursday 5th of May. Please use your vote. 

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting took place on Tuesday 26th April at the Village Hall and was chaired by Cllr. Tim Carty.   All local groups, organisations and members of the public were invited to attend and to submit a report; these reports will be collated and published on our website within the next few weeks.  Many thanks to all involved.

New Chat Bench

Chat benches are fast becoming a standard facility in Towns and Villages across the UK. The very simple idea being that if you fancy a chat with someone, you head down to your local chat bench and either join the person already waiting for a chat or wait and see if anyone comes along for one. The idea of nominating a specific bench is that it breaks down the social barriers. We are all very good at not talking to each other and many may find it a bit awkward just to sit down next to someone and start talking to them. With a chat bench you know that that person sat on the bench not only won’t find it odd if you start taking to them, but in fact they want to talk to you and they will be pleased to see you.

To start with one bench in the Village has been designated as a chat bench, this is the bench in the Ball Court just off the High Street. If it proves to be a success, then other locations will be looked at.  

Other Items in Brief:

  • At the April Full Council meeting a grant for £300 for the History and Heritage Group was approved. This is for the printing of history information leaflets to promote the Village.
  • The ordering of a Climbing Wall for the Playday in August was approved. This has a capacity to entertain up to 80 children per hour and will complement other activities being put on by South Somerset District Council.
  • The old rugby pitch at the bottom of Springfield has now had works finished on it to turn it into a functioning football pitch.
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