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November Update

East Hill Viewpoint

Many thanks to our extremely versatile ranger, Martin, for coming quickly to the rescue to mend the fence at the East Hill Viewpoint at the end of September.  It looks great and is, of course, much safer than the previous fence which was in a very poor state of repair.  Before and after photos to prove it!  And not only does Martin have many practical skills but he also has a real eye for a photo…

Foxes leaving their ‘calling cards’ at Gainsborough play-park!

We are aware that people have been finding piles of very dark animal poo at the playpark.  We assumed at first that some residents must have been taking their dogs onto the site and whilst we suspect that this might be happening on occasions, we are now sure that these piles are what the local foxes are leaving us, rather than dogs.  Martin, our ranger, picked up 21 piles of this poo a few weeks ago and will be keeping a regular look-out for more.  

Town Hall Health

Much up-and-down of stairs and a ladder were involved but the clock is now working again!  We are aware that it is two minutes slow…  Fixing that is the next mission!  The technical issue is that the time can only be accurately reset at the exact time that the hands are telling us… Therefore, we need a number of people in the right places at the right time to put it right.  To our great relief, we had a number of people in the right places at the right time to fix the leak in the roof (no more buckets required!) and to re-plaster a section of the upstairs office; next there is some re-decorating to do and then the works will be completed.


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