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May Update

Ben Smith – our litter picking hero

Congratulations to teenager Ben Smith who has completed his six-month stint of volunteering for the Parish Council for his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award!  Ben has been diligently picking up litter at the Gainsborough and Springfield play parks since the start of last October and we are extremely grateful for the great job that he has done.  What is particularly great, though, is that he has volunteered (no pressure from us – honest!) to continue with this work for the foreseeable future.   Many, many thanks from all of us, Ben, for making this valuable contribution to your community.

Reporting crime in our area

Unfortunately, there have been more incidents of anti-social behaviour in the village over the last few months or so, including further vandalism of the drinking tap at Gainsborough and further graffiti and the playing of very loud music at the skate-park.  If you witness or are aware of criminal activity which does not constitute an emergency, this can be reported easily by calling 101 or can be reported online at  You do not need to know everything about an incident in order to report it; the police welcome any information that the public has which helps them to build a picture of what is happening in the area. 

Allotment land wanted!

The Parish Council needs more land for allotments in or close to Milborne Port.  The pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in parishioners requesting plots and the waiting list is growing…  We are currently exploring our options and would be interested to hear from anyone who has or knows of a suitable area of land (with access to a water supply). 

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