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Move on Over!

26th November 2020

For those of you that do visit the Cemetery, you may have seen a little yellow digger going up and down the path at the far end over the last few days and have wondered to yourself what was going on. Tongue-in-cheek speculation that a bypass for the busy A30 was being built just isn’t true.

In fact the whole length of the gravel path was being moved over by one metre as at some point in the past a grave has been dug into the path. While no records remain of why this decision was taken, clearly it feels disrespectful to the person laid to rest and their relatives to have a grave that is in the gravel path. Members of the Management Committee were keen to see the situation rectified and so Sherborne Garden Services were appointed to move the whole path over by one meter.

The area will now look a bit muddy until late spring, but it has been seeded and by the summer it should all be blending back in.

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