Wessex Water Volunteers at Gainsborough Skate Park, Milborne Port

On Tuesday 29th September, a group of volunteers from Wessex Water took on the not insignificant task of jet-washing and re-painting the ramps at our skate park.  They worked really hard to try to remove all of the graffiti but unfortunately some of it was so engrained into the concrete that it would not come off.  However, they did a great job and it looks so much better up there as a result.

Huge thanks to their team and to Fiona at The Gainsborough for her hospitality and to staff at the Co-op for allowing the volunteers to use their loading bay in order to position their vehicle as close to the site as possible.  Below are some before, during and after photographs!  We hope that you agree that the area looks much smarter now!  There is still some work to do and we are hoping that this will be completed by some other village volunteers before long.