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New Home for Arbour

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You may have noticed a change to the streetscape along the A30 as the Arbour that once sat over the top of the bench by the bus stop has been relocated to the Cemetery.

While the Cemetery has a few benches for quite reflection, one thing that it doesn’t have is anywhere to shelter in the rain, so the Arbour is a welcome addition to this special place.

It is possible that in years to come the Arbour may have a bench fitted underneath it in the Cemetery, but for now it has been installed at the end of the new remembrance garden that is now under development.

The garden will be having a lot of shrubs and bushes planted along it this autumn that will separate it from the main burial section and it will soon be in use for the interment of ashes as current remembrance garden is now full and has been closed.

The Arbour in its former location was the subject of numerous complaints by many individuals over many years, so the new council has made finding a more appropriate location for it a top priority over the last 9 months.

The solution of relocating the Arbour to the Cemetery works very well as it is very much needed at the Cemetery and the project came in just under its £3,000 budget.

It is hoped that in the years to come stakeholders can work together to look at the development of the area around the public toilets and old phone box and come up with a re-design that works for all parties concerned.

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