Also, some residents might be interested in these:

A discussion about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Update 7/12/2020

Since the last update to this page, the residents of Milborne Port have come of one lockdown, into another and then out again into the current tiered system. It has been ‘business as usual’ for Milborne Port Parish Council, and councillors and clerks have continued to support the community and to look forward to ‘normality’ some time in 2021!

Somerset County Council continues to be an excellent source of information and some residents might be particularly interested in these extracts from their most recent newsletter:

Covid-19 Vaccination Programme: Plans are fully underway in Somerset to prepare for a mass Covid-19 vaccination roll out now the Government has authorised the Pfizer vaccination for use across the UK, starting from next week.

Somerset County Council is working closely with health colleagues to support the vaccination programme. This includes having hundreds of Council staff on standby ready to be redeployed to assist the programme and identifying vaccination locations.

The Council is working with the NHS on a plan to make the vaccine available to the people of Somerset in a planned way and in line with national guidance – so watch this space for more information shortly.

Resources and Further Information: For the latest local information as well as digital resources, posters and flyers please visit:

For information and resources on staying healthy happy and safe at the time please visit:

Milborne Port’s response to Covid-19

When the lockdown began towards the end of March, we all had to adapt quickly to a new way of life and to think urgently about the needs of our more vulnerable residents. Over the last few months, the village’s response has rapidly evolved to meet people’s needs and it is clear that the village community has done itself proud in the way that it has rallied to support those who have needed it most.

The priority for the Parish Council at the beginning was to ensure that residents had access to information, so a flier of information was hand-delivered to the most vulnerable and this soon developed into a section of Covid-19 related information on the Parish Council website, including information on how to access support via St. John’s Church and our vicar Sarah Godfrey, opening times and ways of operating for the surgery, pharmacy, local shops and delivery services.

Telephone and Zoom video-conferencing technology allowed a group of us to meet and this resulted in a further flier of information and offers of support which went to every address in the village at the end of April, co-ordinated by a community mutual aid group that included members of St John’s Church, the parish council, Sir Charles Allen of Ven House, Sherborne Viral Kindness and other volunteers.

This group is now made up of over thirteen people who are part of a rapid response ‘WhatsApp’ group, coordinating support across the whole village, ensuring that vulnerable residents receive the care they need as swiftly as possible.

We should be proud of the way in which so many individuals and groups in the community have been involved in helping in a huge variety of ways, from checking in with neighbours, helping out with shopping and collecting prescriptions and generally caring for and supporting others.

Gift card service from the Co-op

The Co-ops gift cards could be a really useful way of paying for your shopping if someone else is doing it for you, or if you are doing it for someone else.  See below for details.

Co-op gift card terms and conditions

Gift cards should be treated like cash – we cannot be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged cards, any credit amounts on such cards or fraudulent use of your card. The gift card is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card and no interest is paid on gift card balances. The gift card can be used in any Co-operative Group food store within the UK and the balance on the card may be used for in-store purchases in full or part payment for goods (excluding lottery, fuel or third party concession products or services) at any time whilst the card is valid. You must present the gift card at the checkout to use the balance. Unfortunately at this time you cannot use the card when shopping online. You can activate your card, check your balance and (if your card is reloadable) load more funds of a minimum of £1 up to a total balance of £1000 at the checkout. The amount deposited on or redeemed from a card will be shown on the till receipt after each use, which you should keep.

No change can be given from the card or the balance on the card exchanged for cash. If any item purchased with a card is exchanged or refunded by us, any money owed will be added to the balance on the gift card.

The card remains valid for a period of 24 months from your last transaction (including balance enquiries). You will not be able to use your card after the end of this period and any unused balance on the card will be lost.

Milborne Port Covid 19 Community Response – Prescription Delivery Service

The Community Response Team are assisting Milborne Port Pharmacy with the delivery of prescriptions for self-isolating patients who do not have a relative or neighbour to collect medicines on their behalf.

To use this service, please order your prescription as usual from Milborne Port Pharmacy.  In most cases the Pharmacy staff will deliver your medication directly to you.  In the event that they are unable to do this, the Pharmacy will advise you to send a message to The Rev. Sarah Godfrey, The Vicar of St John’s, Milborne Port.  Sarah will contact a volunteer who will then collect your medication from the Pharmacy and deliver it to your home.

For same day deliveries, please send your request to Sarah by 3pm; however, in an emergency please be assured that we will try our best to help you at other times. The volunteer will collect the prescriptions from the Pharmacy at 4.30pm.  You should receive your medication, depending on the number of deliveries, by 5.30pm. If you are not able to receive your prescription in person, Sarah will ask you for the name of the member of your household who will be responsible for accepting the medication on your behalf. In the event that there is a charge for your prescription, payment must be made directly to the Pharmacy as volunteers are unable to handle any money.

This procedure may sound complicated but it is important and in your interests that the delivery service operates as safely as possible, any errors have the potential to be serious.

Useful Contact Details
Milborne Port Pharmacy 01963 250259
The Vicarage 01963 250248

Covid-19 current information 24th April 2020

Recent information regarding help, support, guidance, local shops and services

Community groups in Milborne Port, along with St John’s Church, are working together to support vulnerable residents during the Covid-19 emergency.  If you are self-isolating and need help with shopping, picking up your prescription medication, dog walking, posting letters, or would just like someone to speak to on the phone, we will try to find a volunteer to help you.  You can contact us by leaving a message on 07721 360523, or e-mail,

You can also contact Sherborne Viral Kindness:  Bob Walden on 01963 251081

News from South Somerset District Council:  South Somerset District Council is continuing to ensure that our communities receive all the help they need during the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes offering extra support in areas where our residents need it most.  A big addition to this extra support is the brand new pop up SSDC Wellbeing Hub which has been set up to supply food parcels and other supplies to South Somerset residents in most urgent need. The Hub is already up and running and more than 30 deliveries have already been made to residents who are shielding or who fit the criteria where they are recognised as vulnerable.

How do I get a food parcel?  Residents who are shielding who have NOT received a food parcel from the Government and residents who are assessed as vulnerable can now call 0300 790 6275 to find out if they are eligible.

How much do they cost?  Shielded people (as identified by the NHS) will get their first food parcel free. Vulnerable people will pay a set fee depending on the size of parcel required.  £26 for a single person, £30 for couples and £52 for families of 4-5 people. This service is non-profit and delivery is free.

What is in the food parcel?  All goods are non-perishable and should give a broad choice of food needed to prepare balanced meals. The parcels also include toilet rolls, cleaning and hygiene products.

How long does it take to get a food parcel?  Most food parcels will be delivered the next day between 10am and 4pm.

If this self-isolating goes on for some time, what happens if I need a repeat order?  You can email or phone an order through to the team. Your details will have been saved making ordering and paying quicker.

How often can I order?  Box contents are built around a weeks’ worth of food, re-ordering shouldn’t be required under this time period.

Can I book a time slot?  No, deliveries will usually be next day and between 10am and 4pm.

What if I have not received a shielding letter?  Shielding letters come from the NHS. Your GP or hospital will have provided names of patients that they consider vulnerable & require shielding. If you have not received a letter and feel you should have one, then you should contact them.

Age UK are providing support for vulnerable residents – shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc.   Call 01305 269444 or e-mail

Milborne Port Surgery 

Please support the staff there by only using only the online services if possible, or phoning.  Please do not expect to be seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner by going directly to the surgery; do not go to the surgery if you have symptoms of coronavirus.  

If you would like to volunteer to support our wonderful NHS, please follow this link (note that you must hold a DBS certificate issued in the last 12 months to register):

As a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, South Somerset District Council is working with Spark Somerset to co-ordinate local groups and to ensure that they get vital support and information they may need.  For more information, follow these links:

Please follow these links for further information:

Milborne Port Pharmacy: Understandably extremely busy at the moment and working very hard to make up prescriptions and deliver them when and where they can.  

If you cannot come to the pharmacy to collect a prescription, please do ask family and friends for help first.  The pharmacists have had many offers from people volunteering to make deliveries but there are legal and safeguarding reasons that prevent them from being able to take advantage of people’s kindness.  

Also, please allow for more time than usual when requesting a repeat prescription as the extra demand at this time means that the pharmacists might not be able to make up your prescription in the usual 3-4 days.  

Other helpful services

Something Else Fishy:  Shop open 5-8.30pm Thursdays & Fridays for takeaways, strict social distancing rules apply, limited menu.  Call Martin on 07790 592145 for fish deliveries. 

Pop-up market on Saturdays at Weighbridge from 10.30am: fish, fruit & veg, dairy.

Wayne Pullen, Butcher:  Currently open until 8am-noon on Monday and 7am-1pm Tuesday-Saturday, also offering a delivery service.  Call 01963 250222/07724 534123 or e-mail

Steve’s Milk:  Fresh milk and more delivered to your doorstep, 01963 250266.

Milborne Port Newsagent:  Business as usual, including newspaper deliveries.

Milborne Port Computers:  Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm, 01963 250788

Co-op, Gainsborough: There is a lot of information on their website about what they are currently offering and signposting us to ways to help their community.  Donation basket for the Yeatman Hospital.

Crackmore Shop/Petrol/Post Office:  Currently open 6am-8pm, with the Post Office open at the same hours.  

Crackmore Garage: Open.

The Gainsborough Arms: Currently delivering meals, 01963 250330

Bakerman Dan: pizza delivery on Friday and Saturday nights, 07484 236977

The Tippling Philosopher:  Takeaway service from 24th April, Tuesday-Saturday, 5-8pm, 01963 250999

Egg Shed, Silverthorne Farm – open.

Sherborne/Wincanton food/catering businesses currently delivering within a 5-mile radius of Sherborne:

The Pear Tree Deli:  01935 812828 The Cross Keys: 01935 508130 Vineyards:  01935 815005 Oliver’s:  01935 815544 The Bakeout:  01935 507373 Sherborne Fruit & Veg Market:  07515 554549 The Three Wishes:  01935 817777 The Corner Shop:  01935 815615 Kafe Fontana: 01935 812180 Ecco Gelato: delivery service,

Little Goose Hospitality delivery service:  01935 706701,; Milk & More are delivering only to existing customers; The Udder Farm Shop in Stalbridge is offering a delivery service:  01747 838899; Dike & Son in Stalbridge is continuing with its delivery service:  01963 362204; Kimbers’ Farm Shop in Charlton Musgrove will deliver to Milborne Port but expect to wait up to 5 days:  01963 33177/07813 989839; Victoria O’Brien – ready meals, pies, cakes, desserts, will deliver to Milborne Port:  07815 551586; Number Sixteen (wine, beer, local cheeses, deli) will deliver within a 10 mile radius: 01963 3331; Thyme after Thyme Cafe and Catering, Sturminster Newton: 01963 362202; 5 a Day Box: 01380 860968,; Nick’s Fruit and Veg: will deliver, 07553 018989; Wincanton Fruit & Veg: 07515 554549; Lovington’s Bakery: 01963 824871; Bootmakers pizza: collection only, 07757 490896; Pizza Palace: delivering, 01963 34600

Wheathill Close Residents

We have been in touch with the hub supervisor at Yarlington Housing Group to ask her what we can do to support residents and she has supported our idea to put together a flier of useful information which has been hand-delivered to every address.

Update for allotment holders

A number of you have been in touch to ask whether you should be visiting the allotments at the moment.  The answer is ‘yes’, this is a permitted activity as long as you follow government instructions on social distancing and hygiene.  Please see the information in this link for further information.  It is regularly updated so if the coronavirus situation changes, so might this information.  

The impact of the coronavirus on council activities

The council office is currently closed to the public until further notice and Simon Pritchard (Clerk to the Parish Council – and Nathalie Hetherington (Deputy Clerk – are working from home and sometimes in the office.  We apologise for not being as accessible to the public as normal and are as hopeful as everyone else that business can return to normal as soon as possible.  The members of the council and the clerks are in regular discussion about how best continue to provide important council services under these difficult circumstances.

For important information, advice and guidance on the current coronavirus situation, please follow these links:

NHS information – the first port of call for the public:

Government response to Coronavirus (Covid-19):

Guidance on social distancing and for vulnerable people:

Stay-at-home guidance:

Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas:

Please note this particularly important link regarding the disposal of contaminated waste: